Cement Oklahoma
2023 Jesse James Festival
Sept 9th, 2023

Cement Community Association

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     Jesse Woodson James, Confederate guerilla, bank robber, cold blooded killer.  Jesse James was all of these but most of his life remains a mystery.  Born in Missouri, Jesse along with his brother Frank and many others came away from the Civil War with a bitter taste in their mouths and no way to make a real living.  Jesse joined up with Cole Younger to form a gang that would go on a robbery-murder spree across several states.

     Historical accounts testify that Jesse buried an iron teapot in the Keechi Hills, east of Cement.  Years later, his brother Frank came searching for that iron teapot.  While he found other buried treasure in the area, he never found it.  It was not until many years later that it was unearthed near Buzzard's Roost on the farm of retired schoolteacher, Belle Hedlund.

     Myth and legend have meshed together to create a monumental legend about Jesse James.  He was known as a murderer and no-good thief, but also as sort of a "Robin Hood of the West" for his habit of "taking from the rich and giving to the poor."

     At the Jesse James Visitor Center, you will be able to learn more about Jesse James and the other outlaws of the West.  Learn about Jesse and his gang, his family and the amazing myths surrounding his life and death. 

     -Was he really shot to death in 1882 or was that just a ploy to fool the authorities?

     -Was J. Frank Dalton the real Jesse James?

     -Who were the other imposters claiming to be Jesse?

     -Who was Uncle Billy Royce and how did his association with Jesse James affect his life?

     -What was in the iron kettle?

     -What was on the stone carving Mrs. Belle Hedlund found on her farm?

The Jesse James Visitor Center is located on the second floor of the Cement Historical Museum.  When you visit the Jesse James Visitor Center, you will also be able to visit the Cement Historical Museum which is located on the ground floor of the building.  This is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the town and it's people.  

The Cement Historical Museum and the Jesse James Visitor Center are operated by the Cement Community Association {CCA}, a non-profit organization.  The Jesse James Visitor Center was made possible by a grant from the McCasland Foundation of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Come visit the Jesse James Visitor Center and find the connection between Jesse James and Cement, in the heart of the Keechis!

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